Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sophisticated Sisters

When we were home for the holiday's, I was shocked and happily surprised to find that my sister's bedroom was transformed into a classy and sophisticated pad.  They decided they wanted a more "grown-up" look, rather than the girly, fun room they've had for some time. Before, they had a bright greenish Tiffany blue color on the walls that was very bold and vibrant. They also had paisley wall decals and lime green curtains, along with bright bedding.

Here are some of the before pics. Lime's Blue's pinks. Pretty fun and bright.

Here are the after pictures. They painted the walls a silvery greyish blue. (Notice the lovely accessory on the bed licking himself)

This was an old picture my mom had that got ruined in the flood this past fall, so they took out the picture, and painted the frame black. Then bought a chandelier decal and put in on the front of the glass. Clever huh?

An old frame painted black with an "M" for my sister Mackenzie.

The desk was already white, they just added cute accessories and painted the mirror silver. Love!

This is Mackenzie's desk.

Mercury glass candle holder.

Bedside storage. (The Ugg boots complete the look :)

This is Megan's desk area. They painted the desk black.

The curtains were originally in my mom's bedroom, but she moved them over into the girl's room because they fit so well and help to pull the room together. They were purchased at Walmart! 

Cute little damask lamps

Since this room only has one little closet, they purchased this armor a while back, and Megan uses it as her closet and dresser.

This lamp had some crazy colored shades before, which they simply switched out to all white, to go with the new look.

Mackenzie's side of the room. Complete with new bedding and textured pillows.

They want to add more to the wall, but are still looking for the perfect find.

This little bedside table was lime green before I believe with funky stickers.  Now it's a sophisticated silver.

I just love this. Had to show it again.

They also painted the old lamp they had silver.

Now it's complete!

Hat's off to my mom and sisters! This is an incredible room make over in which they re-used what they already had, by simply giving things a fresh coat of paint and adding some new bedding and accessories. Awesome!

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